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Saturday, July 15, 2006

At last....

A blog is something i've always wanted to have, starting one is not a hassle, but keeping one is, to me at least.... we'll see. Just wanna use it as a platform to share my POV on everything-be it work, family, style, life, daily trivial minor things... etc, is that not what it's supposed to be- like a diary? Unlike the blog at friendster, which can be seen by anyone & automatically inform all souls that are linked to you, this is purely for people who care and interested in me.
I must admit though, I was inspired by two other bloggers, one is thesatorialist and the other one is facehunter, they both capture the style, spirit, individuality, belief as well as reality, from the US and Europe respectively. I like their work very very much, and truly wish to express my vision of fashion and style with a POV too.

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