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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Signé Chanel

I spoke about this repeatedly with my pal Lucienne, we both agree that M. Karl Lagerfeld did nothing as revolutionary as YSL or Nicolas Ghesquiere, but he still is a fine designer no doubt, be it for Chanel, Lagerfeld Gallery(the chic-est of all), or Fendi. When Lucienne asked what I want for my birthday last month, I thought, since she's going to Paris for the couture show, I might as well have that "Signé Chanel" DVD (directed by Loïc Prigent). They sell it at Colette and which is not available in Hong Kong, and I got what I want as always... I enjoy it so much, it's a very very good fashion documentary film & one that's worth watching (again&again) and collecting.
Absolutely love it! Thank you Lucia!!!

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