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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Male Inspiration - Jefferson Hack

Stylish men are hard to find, they are nowhere to be seen in this city, I mean real stylish men. Therefore, if you try to look for a male inspiration or role model with personal taste who has character, attitude, edge, chic, elegance? you're basically wasting your time here, but, once in a while, I bump into one or two well dressed men in suit, tapered trousers, fitted shirt, shiny but well worn lace-up, you may get 'em, once in a long while tho. When I look to international scene, the view is no doubt a lot more better, think god we have someone like the sartorialist, But if I have to name someone I admire whose taste and the way he dresses, I guess the answer would be Jefferson Hack, he, to me, is the prototype of modern scruffy dandy.

1 comment:

Candid Cool said...

he looks sharp, but at the same time not too done up.
he looks brilliant in the long wool coats.