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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Royal & Rich - they are Euro-not-Trash!

When Mischa Barton became the new face of bad girl in 2008, I think it was pretty much the end of any hope to any given high-end brands' PR. In the ever-so-trashy Hollywood & MTV culture we have in the Western world today, it has undoubtedly gone bonkers over last few years. Ever since I became a consultant of a fashion house, hardly would I agree or recommend on dressing any of the current so-called movie stars or singers in town, reason being that you just really don't know when are they going to do anything less ordinary or indecent, shameful basically. That explained why I have a very strict policy in celebrity loaning. What alternatives do we have other than movie stars such as Nicole, Cate, Renee or Resse and those trashy youngster (Nicole, Paris, Britney or Mischa & co.)? Honestly, none of them are the real deal, they are self-confessed trend leaders or being portraited as one. But, none, I mean none of them are actually stylish, non, non, non, non!!!

(left-right): Carine Roitfeld threw a party for Mario Testino's book launch and was sandwiched between all the Euro-not-Trash It- girls, they're the style icon of tomorrow.
Stylish woman, are someone who has her own allure, charisma, glamour, charm, individuality, regal, beauty, chicness ... etc. The answer lays nowhere but the picture shown here. The Royalty and Rich has always been an inspiration to most designers for decades, this is an old trick that works wonders, Dior had his, Val got most of 'em lot, Karl 's a family friend and Gianni was a late comer with her majesty. Royal never disappoint with misbahavior, even when they do, it is be expected and taken as added glamour. When poeple talk about royalty, they think about the British Empire. Brits - royal maybe, but hardly stylish or regal. Who's the new hope from this lots then? We seem to find them in Europe-London-NYC from 2007 on. Which better nation to project the modern pleasurable jet-set blue bloody glamour than Monaco. Known as Monégasque's royal, Grace Kelly's grandchildren takes the utterly stylish role with by doing nothing but being effortlessly charming, Charlotte Casiraghi and her brothers (Andrea & Pierre) and inner circle friends formed a whole new social circle for hip and fashion scene. They are heiress and young royals in eternal education system and able to lead a normal life, far from the turmoil which seems part and parcel of modern monarchy.

(below left-right) Eugenie Niarchos, Andrea Casiraghi & Tatiana Santo Domingo
Charlotte has no doubt inspired See by Chloé, her friend Eugenie Niarchos put her nails on jewelry design, she first was tempted by Vanessa Seward of Azzaro to make costume pieces for the brand and later was asked by childhood friend Gaia Repossi (another heiress) to co-design the Czarina collection for Repossi, a Morocan's fave. Needless to say, they are the darling for modern *Glam* fashion houses such as Azzaro & Christopher Kane, Giambatistta Valli is known for his aggresive courtship approach to this bunch. And I forecast that it won't be long before houses such as Gucci men to be inspired by Andrea & Pierre's hippie dressing style for their summer collection, whatever "inspiration" means these days.

(left) les Casiraghi: Andrea & Pierre; (right) Pierre from July 07.

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