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Monday, May 12, 2008

Illustrator | french vs american

(above)GPP's work at JP Gaultier & Vivienne Westwood, and with the designer (below)
'I'm only an illustrator.' said Lagerfeld in documentary Signé Chanel (and he was right).
I guess most people in Hong Kong who know of Gladys Perint Palmer, the illustrator & an icon, from my generation was from the late JOYCE magazine back in the 90s. Lots of people like Jean-Philippe Delhomme whom I adore too, but purely due to sentimental reason associated with Joyce, GPP somehow links closer to us all fashion hearts in Hong Kong. Since in 1972, she moved to Hong Kong, and wrote and illustrated a bi-weekly column in the South China Morning Post. She exhibited her paintings in Hong Kong, two being acquired by the Hong Kong Museum and Hong Kong Arts Centre. She wrote and illustrated a book of comic verse called The Magic Circle of Hong Kong.
One significant difference between the two is the black outline of GPP's. To me, J-PD's brushstroke tends to be harder, stronger (being a man?!), and to a sense - more real about life from multi-angle, whereas GPP concerns more on details and more catwalk-driven. Guess most of you have seen her book<Fashion People> in the book shop. Wish to see more newer work of her soon.
(above left) Jean-Philippe Delhomme signing for fans; recent work, Manish Arora (FW08); Dior couture (left) and Martin Margiela (FW08, below)

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