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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Men | buff or svelte?

On the other hand, I happened to read about *this on the telegraph's online, and Iain R Webb, former editor of Elle UK reported the trend of masculinity and weight issue in the male model world.

[At one show, front-row gossip ­suggested that Ford had even demanded that his models' nether regions be waxed to marble-smooth perfection before they could don his ­insignia-decorated, aptly named G-strings. ... Ford's ideal of manhood was sleek and strong, golden and godlike, in turn a look that harked back to the heyday of the 1980s when designers such as Calvin Klein and Gianni Versace, along with the ­photographers Herb Ritts, Michael Roberts and Bruce Weber, fashioned a new species of male supermodel.]
- To me, Ford's models were more subversive and Saint Laurent's dandy like in the late 70s, don't think Ford's manhood was anywhere near Calvin's nor Versace's rough tough kinda butch, let alone comparing Testino's male image to Herb Ritts or Bruce Weber's, his approach was more sleek and dark. Needless to say, Ford was a huge fan of Halston and Saint Laurent, as well as Helmut Newton's, and he had a super stylist called Carine Roitfeld.
[One of Dolce & Gabbana's latest ventures is a calendar featuring the British model David Gandy artfully photographed in black and white as 'the most famous David, remembered eternally by Michelangelo: as an absolute icon of the body's perfection and a universal symbol of handsome beauty', as the accompanying press release says.'David definitely embodies our ideal of male beauty: healthy, fit, happy,' Dolce tells me. 'We were very much struck by his Mediterranean beauty and appeal,' Gabbana adds. 'He looks like an actor who makes women fall in love at the first glance.']
- IMO, there's nothing wrong with Dolce & Gabbana to pursue their ideal beauty in male form, but having Matthew McConaughey to become their parfum's *
image man is one of their not many faux pas, I should say.
[But Slimane and his skinny boys may still have the last laugh. 'I don't think the jock type is in any immediate danger although it has to my understanding a smaller scope of possibilities in ­fashion,' Slimane says. ... 'From a classic suit, to jeans or a Speedo, there is not much you can do when you look high on testosterone. I guess one can't have style and a buff body as well. There is ­justice after all.']
- Well, that'd probably explain why I couldn't find any suit that fits me before Hedi Slimane's arrival, because I just do not fit any of the classic suit, as they were just way too big.
I am not denying or arguing about the fact that not many men can fit into a Dior Homme suit in Hedi's era, but just wanting to say the fact that there are as many naturally born svelte slim guys out there as buffy beefcakes or men-who-don't-take-good-care-of-their shape.

Yves Saint Laurent's God like image in the 70s.

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