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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shocking News

I don't think of myself a nosy person or a gossip, however I must admit I am a very well-informed kinda person, as in I was told things without asking for them. Since I know quite a number of fashion people and insiders from almost all houses, acquaintances and mates (oh my all dear friends) just can't wait to give me all the truth and gossip from all angles, i.e. from bits and bobs to full-length coverage.
Since I am thinking about my career path and foreseeing future, all these informations (gossips) help a great deal on knowing the potential and developement of each company or house. The very last night, I was told about a breaking news that I was forced to keep it as a top secret, highly confidential info - dear dear me, it's so hard not to share ... This is something really major for local fashion retail scene. I'm in Hell!

Anyway, I think this upcoming designer from Singapore has all the potentials I have yet seen in Hong Kong. He is Harry Halim. Check the *site and learn more.

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