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Friday, May 30, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribute' sandals

I guess it's about time to write about these shoes.
These are not just shoes, but are YSL's 'Tribute' sandals - an evolution of the SS07 pumps on the floral catwalk (recalled?!) After a series of famous chicks fall for the original pumps version (Posh is a huge fan), these sandals are definitely catching up. Women are falling even deeper for 'em. They are sky high and utterly stylissssh (a la touch of 70s?), friends who had the pumps told me in fact they 're very comfortable. Who loves'em? Genevieve Jones, Kate Moss and the Olsens (see below) and more, are they not enough?
Season after season, best sellers never really die, they go on and change colours and evolve. Many of the YSL shoe styles have quietly become small crowd's favourites. In 'Tribute''s case, they might sell more shoes than the flat tote from the same collection, and these shoes really have the integrity to last and drive the hype.

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Carlina said...

Wow.. Nice collection!! I like those golden sandals most. Those are perfect match for my favorite dress.