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Friday, June 06, 2008

Adieu, Monsieur Saint Laurent

As a devoted Saint Laurent fan, I am deeply moved just by reading all the reports and feel really sad. One thing I find really disappointing is that fashion press are not very keen on the whole event when they are supposed to, this is now more like a world news than fashion's, but why? I especially think and which as two key contemporary leaders in fashion media, should have featured and covered full-on 24/7, I expect more from them. Has it got anything to do with Anna's against Monsieur from years back? What about Carine's direction? Is Saint Laurent really not relevant to fashion people anymore?

Yves Saint Laurent's funeral in Paris on 5 Jun 08, live report by Suzy Menkes for IHT:

L'hommage de Pierre Bergé à Yves Saint Laurent Uploaded by GayClic

Here is a translation of Berge's tearful farewell speech.
"It’s the last time I speak to you, Yves.
"I remember the first time we met and those days that followed. The day we decided to be together.
"I remember telling you in your bed at Val de Grace hospital that you were no longer the head of the couture house where you worked, and I remember your reaction. ...
"I remember your first collection under your name and the tears at the end. Then the years passed. Oh, how they passed quickly. The divorce was inevitable but the love never stopped."
What stuck Berge the most, he said, was Saint Laurent’s “rigor and exigence.”
"We find the style you created everywhere today.
"Chanel and you were the great couturiers of the 20th century. She of the first half, you the second.
"You constructed an oeuvre,” he said and compared its beauty and mastery to “a garden of Le Notre or a beautiful Matisse.”
"I don’t know how to say good-bye because I can never leave you. We will never watch a sunset together again. We will never share the emotions together before a painting again. Someday I will join you under the palm trees of Morocco.
I want to tell you my admiration, my profound respect and my love."

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