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Monday, July 21, 2008

I want this bloody Vuitton monogramouflage foulard NOW!!!

I know some of you might think of Vuitton a vuglar/ logo obsessives' trash, however, on a contrary, I am getting more and more intrigued by the thoughtful and well-developed ideas behind the products, something that many of their so-called luxury competitors simply cannot compare. I was at the mega mansion on Canton Road 2days ago, the fact that it doesn't lost its luxury prestige feeling surprise me, because it was so packed with eye full of Mainland Chinese tourists and locals, but it's not crowded at all, it's just huge and spacious, they do need a castle like this though.
70% cashmiere 30% silk / 190 x 140 cm
Created by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami
Louis Vuitton signature printed in red
My cousin and I were there to check out Takashi Murakami's monogramouflage collection that everyone talks about these days. It's a collection that suits both sexes, the foulard in the collection is deadly killing, but unfortunately the merchandise has yet arrived, plus I just thought the green camouflage might not be wardrobe friendly enough, so I turn to other choices in offer- the good old Stephen Sprouse leopard graffiti foulard. I know it was born 2 years ago and was a mega hit in 2007; and yes- it might also be sooo last year that it hurts, but it's also so hooot that I can't quite get over it and say no to what I saw in front of me, because they now make it in grey-on-grey with a bloody-killer 5,850hkd prix tag dangling. I mean this is may-juh for a foulard, even if it's in cashmere silk, but still ... I just wish one day, prix would become an issue that I concern not. Can you guys over at Vuitton HK office send me these very foulards as kind gesture and early Christmas presents, please, Mr Kandiah, huh, sil vous plait?
100% cashmere / 78.6"x 51.1"
Created by artist Stephen Sprouse in his collaboration
with Louis Vuitton Graffiti signature on one end

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