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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Traumatized! or Tumorized?!

Do you think Chanel has taken handbag category into a 'mass production' in the recent years as opposed to before, say 5 years ago. Sigh! I just hope the end of the handbag game come sooner than late, fingers crossed. I noticed Chanel started all this after the global chief executive Maureen Chiquet got on board in 2007. Chiquet, 45, joined Chanel in 2003 and first was president and then chief operating officer. Previously she worked at Banana Republic Inc.(this's the answer, hmmm!) and L'Oreal SA (surprise!). Chanel bags are now a product category with no soul, clearly no particular thoughts or ideas go into a wall of bags in the shop window. I do think she singlehandedly turned the entire CC-logo-covered table against the spirit, which had been nicely captured on both pret-a-porter and couture by Karl just over 10 years ago (when he first hired Amanda Harlech at end of 1996 ~ time flies!) When I see this bag du tumor (above) at bagaholic's, clearly a Louis Vuitton knockoff, non?
I'm traumatized! TRAUMATIZED! See more here.

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