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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hectic fortnight ~ passed!

Finally - done! What a bloody hectic fortnight!!!
I said to myself not to take seasonal big issue for magazine from 2 seasons ago, I cannot believe I just did it again, not for just one but two magazines. Big hands for myself... It was really crazy and major mental exhausting, won't surprise if I get meningitis; but no, what really kept me going was, whenever I think of the opportunities to promote, to introduce newer designers whom I think he/she with talent and deserves the little mentioning by mini me in the coverage. I know I'm no Suzy or Diane, let alone Anna, Franca or Carine, but if mini me don't do it, I can dare say barely anyone else would in town, soooo... Just wanna say BIG thank you to Garance Doré, Bryan Boy, justJR and Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil for their brief and brilliant answer to all my questions. THANK YOU ~ Now, you lots might wonder what's this about, damn, can't expose just yet, but this little project is gonna be interesing for Hong Kong readers. I can only exposed it here on/ after 1 Sept, promised.
Now. Next. That means a special X'mas cafe in Hong Kong, fund raising for October Contemporary, Tod's in-store event, model casting, in between regular writing for JET and Milk X, as well as all line-up works for Razor-Red - BUSY!!!

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