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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Endless inflation

I received this e-newsletter from Joyce Boutique's marketing dept. Coincidentally, I spoke to someone the other day about how shoes (and everything in the fashion world) are so expensive these seasons. It shows here in HK dollar. Though not a bag lover, but I do measure the fact that bags are more durable and being carried around and not being walked on the road is a huge different. I mean, not every designer/brand is up there and deserves that price, but charging it certainly fool people for a luxe image somehow, and people who are willing to pay that price are dominating the local market, they are Mainland Chinese tourists and tacky tai-tais, excuse my cynicism. It's no longer a supply and demand situation anymore. The market is led by bad taste fugly misleaders actually, who really cares about the fashion lovers anymore?

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