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Friday, July 21, 2006

Dedication to Maria Luisa

I can never give enuf space to this lady, as we always have great, brainstorming, inspiring conversation every single time, & sure she deserves a lot more in any given fashion cities. What on earth has she got exactly to be able to sprinkle the magic rain in the fashion arena? i know not, is it the daring verbal comments? her ultimate eyes & taste? her lil daughters' & Robin's assistance? or combo of all of the above? Yet, I know why cos we clicked.
It's a matter of choix for customers to cater the "latest & unworthy"or the "tasteful ones that last". It takes lotsa courage to buy brands like Azzaro, Revillon, Loulou de la Falaise & Rochas, & of cos the one & only Azzedine Alaia. If AA has enuf clients in Paris to keep him survive all these quiet years, he deserves a lot more in HK. We spoke abt how frustrating it is to work in the local industry where all positions are just up for $ w/ no bloody sense, lucky that she believes in herself. A shop like MLHK need lotsa core customers I guess, or any customers in fact.
Charles Anatase, Christian Wijnant, & dun forget the most promising Givenchy & Nicolas Andreas Taralis (Hedi Slimane's ex-assistant) are all now available at Maria Luisa HK, the ones who could afford it, pls go & check it out, & of cos- SHOP!!!

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