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Friday, July 21, 2006

to Sarah R who buys Tisci's Givenchy

(Sarah Rutson, taken by theSartorialist)
We were on the podium chatting away when this slender lady sashaying over w/ her arm candy & greeted Lucia. She's an acquaintance if I may say so. As midnight approached, but nth really could stop us while we're discussing what we love the most. Sarah joined, & I asked her "wat she likes the most in the coming season" since it's gonna be tough for both retailers & shopper, despite the fact that economy is doing great, but most collections are just way too intrigued & surreal for general public. She went like-
"oh, yes, it's gonna be tough to everybody this coming season, but we managed to buy, & we've got to. We certainly love YSL, though he's doing sth completely different which surely not everybody would get. But, we still believe in Pilati."
hope so, slowly but surely...I'm happy to see Givenchy at your store tho.
"yes, I said to my boss, we got to feed these potential brands or they won't be able to survive. God sent Givenchy, & we're so fxxking buying it. It's just so beautiful. Brands like this & Noir or other smaller brands but w/ all the potential under the sun are the ones that need us the most, & no matter what takes me to do, I got to have these brands in my store."
I've changed my impression towards this lady, she's as passionate as the minority us. So, it might be true that one shouldn't judge a book w/ its cover, but also, dun listen to what ppl say, but judge by ur eyes & heart, maybe....

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