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Sunday, August 27, 2006

MMM & Prada lead

After a luncheon with Robin, Maria and her husband early this August, I couldn't help but ask why doesn't she think highly of Hedi Slimane, she then couldn't stop slagging this popular menswear designer - "he's a snob, he's pretentious, he knows how to play the celeb game, and just befriended with the right crowd, ie. the art & music crowd. He's not geniune, every single idea could have been Raf's. Plus, he claimed himself an artist, a photographer, when he merely is a 'designer'"... Voila! After the conversation, I went to the newly opened Dior Homme. Once I went downstairs, not only do I find no excitement, but when I look around, I see all those kids checking out the accessories and buying sneakers. First thing I know is that, I don't wanna shop in the same room with them and I don't wanna share the same taste as theirs. My shopping impulse was shot down to minus level.
A thing or two about MMM & Madame P
"Do you like MMM?"
If anyone asked me this question two years ago, the answer would be "No", but, today, as my personal taste evolved, the answer is likely to be a "Yes".
During our conversation, Maria did mention about the menswear scene in Paris:
"Maybe it's different somewhere else, but for the menswear market in Europe, I've really given it a thorough look. For my crowd, I only have gay, and the gays that work in fashion, they are utterly Parisian, and they want no fuss. Any stupid details like Viktor & Rolf or Kris van Assche's - our crowd hates. They trust our menswear buyer very much, they'd call before they come and we'd prepare all the outfits for them, ie: fitted black jacket in any brands or material, shirts, V-neck or crew neck sweaters in black, grey or blue. Any silly details like Kris van Assche's twisted collar, double collar - our crowd hates. The ones that they like are Martin (Margiela), Ann (Demeulemeester), McQueen, especially his jacket."
Then, bcos of all these brainwashing comments, plus the disappointment I got at Dior Homme, I took a glimpse of Prada & MMM's store this afternoon and tried something on. I always admire Prada, and I always find it difficult to wear. One certainly has acquired taste to like Prada, as Madame isn't just anyone's cup of tea. I tried the blouson and a tweed/wool double breasted peacoat. Not bad, but a bit too big for me and they didn't strike me. Then I went to MMM, they have some simple, basic yet well-tailored jacket, be it in double breasted or single, I tried size 44, and it fitted perfectly. I was so tempted to buy one, and I might give in from now on. However, I dislike those kids who glorified MMM like god when they emphazised that the things they created are only garment. I despite even more when those "fashion people" who wear MMM for the sake of showing the four dots at the back and think they are an "insider" who understand the MMM world. Gee, com'on, gimme a break...For me, MMM is something I could wear without thinking about the seasonal matter, and be chic with quality and crafts.
Who's Maria? She happened to be Maria Luisa.

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k said...

It's different in HK. the (gay) men and also women, seems to love tricky details. they find it SOOOOOOOOOOOO interesting and feel that it justifies the expensive price tag to have details and MORE details.

HK consumers do not understand good cut and chic simplicity.

They want more and MORE: details, embroidery, ruffles, pleats, fold-this-over-that, sequins...the works.