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Sunday, August 20, 2006

deeply moved by McQueen

I was finishing up my seasonal writing, ie. the F/W06 fashion report, as well as Maria Luisa's interview, I watched most of the video on today, it turned out really, as I watched it, Burberry 1st hit me, but then I ended up getting deeply moved by Alexander McQueen's show, not only for his tailoring and homeland inspiration, but also, he did capture the most brilliant and strongest spirit back from the good old London days, he's the genius.

After all the tartans and ruffles, brocades and embroideries, there was friendship, there was national love, there was the icon. Lee showed the hologram clip of Kate Moss, floating in the air like a spirit - ultra romantic, ultra McQueen, ultra sweet - they really are the national treasure. Audience applaused to the beloved model and the designer at the end, and it was the most sensational moment to remember this season... yet another McQueen fashion moment.

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Candid Cool said...

i got chills watching the video. i've always found his shows very memorable and moving. especially the spray paint machines show...chilling, beautiful, haunting...