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Friday, January 25, 2008

Can you get more gorge than her???

(left-right)Cluaida Schiffer at Chanel couture and bid farewell to Valentino's last couture event looking super gorgeous last week.
Claudia Schiffer, one of the least personal fave when I was younger. I thought she was pretty, sexy (to straight guys, not gays), took good pictures and that's all. Nothing much to compare to Linda who contributed so much to fashion as a model. She didn't really fit into the real fashion in the 90s - the deconstrcution, the minimalism and the Grunge of course. Among all the mega models, she was comparatively clumsier on the catwalk, she didn't walk well, some even say she couldn't walk. All and all, thus the bimbo image which annoyed me. However, once Claudia stepped down from the Chanel runway 10 years ago after the contract was over. I was amazed to find her transformation. Helmut Lang took her under the wing, and she walked the HL walk and fitted in so well so coolly. Then later, Claudia got married and had children, she was the British version of girl-next-door along the way, she lives her stable life healthly, without all the post-diva problems. About a year ago, Karl Lagerfeld lured her back to limelight, first for Dom Perignon campaign, then he asked her again to be the face the Chanel cruise08, that made a big headline, rumour had it was a nasty break-up then. She later attended all the Chanel shows in 2007, also became the face of S/S08 Chanel advertising campaign again. Claudia did not attract Lagerfeld only, her new charm also tempted Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton... etc. Plus, the magazines miss this kind of superness again, they hired her for editorial and each shoot is different, there would be the old glamourous her at VogueParis, then you'll get her naked for Purple and POP. She radiants this new kind of otherworldly sexiness in the world today where bag-ladies like the Olsens or trash like Lindsay is considered hip (OMG!!!). Claudia seems sexier and sexier as she ages and glows, she is now comfortable with her appeal and she wasn't when younger. She now represents the drop dead beautiful and decency we yearn for.

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k said...

yes, she looks great in those photos. like a 1950s movie star. i think she has held up well compared to the rest. even linda looks over botoxed these days and is starting to have middle-age spread...