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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Hot Men | Hayden Christensen

Never consider him any good looking nor handsome, never think Hollywood would have an actor as charming. my view all changed when I read the latest Man About Town. Hayden Christensen has been on a lot of covers lately, Details, GQ, NylonGuys, l'Uomo Vogue... etc, but MAT's really shot him the best, or shot the best of him. I googled him just now and went through his pictures, the more I look at him the better looking he is, reasons being:

i) he has the European charm that rarely any US actor has today
ii) he's not a beefcake or didn't train himself to become one, yet, like Jake Gyllenhaal (oh dear dear Jake)
iii) he wears well-fitted clothings and tapered jeans, nothing baggy, not anymore at least
iii) I've not seen him in flipflops once, sneakers only (Nike hightop or Converse to be precise)
iv) he wears casual all the time without the All-American boy-next-door look, and he's not scruffy or dishevelled (a la ... well, the rest of 'em)
v) he looks better now bcos he keeps his hair short and spiky, instead of the just-outta-bed look.

Hayden Christensen Unzipped
Judging by these candid pictures shot in L.A., CA on 9 April, you'll notice not only is he gdlk, but also mega HOOOT!!! Hayden Christensen is the Hollywood version's Pierre Casiraghi, my new pin-up. Surely a better celeb candidate for Saint Laurent men, JT, moves you arse to Givenchy.

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Shiba said...

Hayden is a Cdn, down to earth, more direct in approaching things.