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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fall 2008

POV on Fall 2008
As they are arriving to the store now, just wanna quickly share my thoughts on prefall 08. I picked the one I like as they're usually the ones anyway. Some might consider the idea of pre-collection are all about $$$, but in my opinions, they certainly are money maker, but what's wrong with that? Let's face it, in the fashion world that we 're now in, if the profit generated from pre-collection supports more fancier daredevil pieces at the fashion show, why not? I totally support pre-collection. One can't argue the fact that they're all very nicely done and getting better 'n better (Louis Vuitton 'n Missoni, anyone???). I wouldn't even use the word commercial, as some might see it in a negative manner, I call 'em high quality wearable functional beautiful garment. The ones I like are all modern yet- stylishly classic, nonchalant, demure, chic, elegant in a sense without being overtly womanly or girly.

Balenciaga / Givenchy / Lanvin / Valentino
Balenciaga- chic, vintage 70s, carefully structural 'n focus on scarves
Givenchy- Gothic 'n stylish still, body-con 'n Alaïa influence here n there
Lanvin- darker, chic-er, very demure, usually tasteful, explosion of freedom 'n liberating
Valentino- young, fresh, neo-regal without stuffiness, a very good start for a new designer

Nina Ricci / Louis Vuitton / Missoni

Nina Ricci- nonchalant fragility, darker, 20s sombre, desirable brown shades that rarely seen
Louis Vuitton- eternal modernity, urban classic, functional 'n very chic, love the occasional gold touch
Missoni- young, bright, something that any women want to buy straight away

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