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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

YSL Fall 08 & Edition 24

Call me sentimental or bias or whatever. Like it or not, yes, it's on YSL again. I just like what Stefano Pilati is doing for the house of Saint Laurent at the moment. Everyone has been saying- 'Oh, he's got a big shoe to fit.' blah blah... but he just ignores those comments and keeps his head down and works. I guess he cherishes such opportunity given, at the same time, he knows the YSL DNA well enough to use his time on updating it. Well, updating YSL seems like an impossible task to many, but he's done so far a pretty good job. Like his mentor Miuccia Prada, Stefano doesn't do easy, from time to time, it's tough to understand at once, but people will get it after and certainly follow, by the time you're talking about one year after. Stefano Pilati is a trend setter, a pioneer of modern wardrobe of our time.

YSL fall 08
One can easily find archive-ish designs from Stefano Pilati's pre-collection for YSL, black leather coat, toned-down chubby, little bolero, leopard prints skirts, feather here 'n there, braiding details from Ballet Russes(look 40), endless gown 'n cocktail numbers... etc; he does a very good job on turn the old into new.

Edition 24 (2008)
24 hours a day, 7 day a week. Edition 24 was born last year tactically for YSL's modern global travellers. It includes 24 outfits for day-to-day multiple functions 'n occassions. No frills, no hassels. They're all stylishly practical and charmingly chic when covering day 'n night's urban needs of a women without looking like a catwalk victim. You find them in store without a hint of Saint Laurent-esque anonymously, yet still with the best quality; certainly some trustworthy designs that worth every penny.

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