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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm obsessed with Marc Jacobs

He did it.
Changing one's first impression was hard, and changing mine is even tougher.
Ever since the 90s, I have never been intrigued by Marc Jacobs, who I considered as someone more of a stylist, instead of a designer. For a long time, as he drew inspirations from vintage and played with American sportswear during the last decade, I must admit I was not impressed with what he did and think of him as someone with less capacity more than a great designer. But it all have changed. Ever since 2007 S/S collection, Marc has come from strength to strength, showing us his genuine thoughts on modern meaning of clothing designs, yes, I now see designs. As his came cleaned, transformed his own physic appearance and evolved the aesthetic point of viewing things, Marc Jacobs is really modern, and you kind of expect this would come out of a fresh young designer and aged 21 or something, but wrong- we are all witnessing the change of a great designer in-the-making.

Other than his own collections: Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, his work at Louis Vuitton has taken up to another level too, I now see LV's a better collection than Chanel by Lagerfeld whom somehow stuck in a rug in the last couple of years, when Marc has been pouring juicy ideas into the creative process. It certainly helps after watching his [Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton] documentary which I find very amusing and surely changed my impression and conception of him, his work and Louis Vuitton. Has it got to do with the love factor? or is it mid-life crisis? better still, the cleansing effect? Maybe all of the above, but I'm very much in love with what he does now. I would also give him 10 thumbs up if I have'em, I genuinely think of MJ an honest and sweet person for what he does to BryanBoy, we all know about the BB bag story, and now, apparently he's taken BB to a new level by using him as a blueprint muse for Marc by Marc Jacobs (shot by Juergen Teller), featuring male model Cole Mohr in both menswear and womenswear with identical hair style and posture just as how handbag-carrying BB would do: camp, funny, larger than life.
This is so much of a mutual support/ love story between a designer and his/her fan who might have longing for ages. To Marc Jacobs, my new fashion hero.

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