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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jeremy Scott's (3rd) taking the piss

Yes, I hate bags, and I say it loud. Rarely do anyone find me carrying a bag unless necessary.
Bags sold as 'luxury item' is now a norm, anyone who is a brand or got a brand would do a bloody bag or two. Why are they so pricey? I know not; all I know is that the whole bag flood is killing fashion. It's all about status and compulsive shopping, women have this idea of buying a seasonal bag instead of seasonal wardrobe, but for what? Bag equals not fashion - Wake up!!! I don't like to talk about bags here, unless it's fun or/and really well designed, like this one.
Jeremy Scott designed the 3rd collaboration at Longchamp. He took the idea of the holdall and covered it in the colour of a gold card: at the front, the emblem of Scott and a bank account number; at the back, the signature of the holder and a magnetic stripe. Between the two, a solid cotton cloth, two handles and the small flap of leather distinctive leather flap. I applaud for his irony take onto the object and the creative space given by Longchamp which, surprisedly, after 60 years of success, knows not to take things too seriously. Innit great?

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