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Thursday, August 14, 2008

[Interview] revamps with la Moss- Sept 2008

[Interview], now a Brant-owned property is ready to rock again. having had two warm-up issues with Marc Jacobs and Eva Mendes. The upcoming official revamp issue features la Moss. As creative director Fabien Baron said, they will be more fashion/art/cult oriented. With Baron's triumph record at Harper's Bazaar and VogueParis, and long resume in visual, magazine and fashion arena; plus teaming with Glenn O'Brian and the open-minded Peter Brandt; sounds like there will be blood in the U.S. press world from now on.
... On the other hand, Kate Moss has recently become the face for Yves Saint Laurent's new lip gloss Rouge Volupté. Is it not going to contradict her contract with Rimmel London though? Or is Rimmel's ad was strictly used in the U.K.? Who really can say no to the house of Saint Laurent though?
about Rouge Volupté
A lipstick should be comfortable. Present but not intrusive. Creamy, but not stifling. Silky, but not glossy. Matte, but a little brighter still. In short, everything and its opposite.
That is one that has everything to him. Carrossé in a case of gold rose slightly, the Rouge Volupté is expected to enter the pantheon of lipsticks. In addition to its packaging, very feminine, very Saint Laurent, cracks first for its appearance and texture. Its creamy touch liquefied in contact with the lips, making red flexible, but not baveux. It then flashes on its ten-eight shades of nude running the most purple-bodied, through a variety of roses, honey, brown and coral. The colors that dosent skillfully matt effect and "Glossy Film", a polymer having a mirror that reflects light. Latest information: a true scent of lipstick, UV filters, microspheres hyaluronic acid, an extract of his rice-eating… and a campaign carried out by Kate Moss. Fatale attraction.

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