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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linda Evangelista | Because you're worth it

I adore Linda Evangelista, I mean, I grow up with Linda. I read Vogue because of her. I fell for fashion because of her. Just happy to see her being as celebrated as ever again this season. Not only is she the one and only original supermodel, who at 43, is currently the ultimate spokesperson of L'oreal's, Prada fw08, and also little known her role at Germaine de Capuccini. Unstable economy has given these mega stars in fashion business another chance to shine and to do things in the most professional manner; importantly so, the emerging markets know and recognise their faces; their new fashion citizens have different taste, they want to look 'Super!', literally; they don't want to look dreary like Sasha or Lara et co. Plus, they have a different shopping mood and unaffected by the gloomy economy. Yes, Linda's gained quite a few pounds and admitted the Botox issue, but they still use her for one reason. She sells. Read and find out why she still rules!

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Anonymous said...

I love Linda too. She's got presence.