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Friday, July 21, 2006

divine Chanel haute couture P/E06

Wow! It takes lots to create something like this. The ones who're lucky enuf to witness this twice must be over the moon(once in Paris in January), if he/ she really like fashion, i mean. What's more? Karl was in town for this & his next ad. That nite, he was wearing the only piece I like in DH P/E defile, that Chinese brocade tux jkt. It was simply surreal. It all went crazy just 2days before, not many parties could get on my nerve, but this one surely did, as if it was more or less like a christening or a mask, or sth like a holy ceremony, in this case, we simply cannot look like a piece of holy shit, cos we were all gonna go to worship the highest level of fashion or sth. Some might say "oh, it's no biggies to see HC show, we've seen them in Paris." However, making a big fuss to transport the original ideas to FarEast & turn out perfect was sth else, I got to hand it to the CC gals.
The clothes were heavenly, silhouette was strong & rigid, when hair & makeup were powdery like, it was all abt balance. "flou & "tailleur" fr Premiere d'atelier work well on the entire collection. It might look simple & clean on the surface, but we all know, as Amanda H once said, Chanel has a simple structure, but not internally. It now is a house of love since they acquired all the skillful maisons in Paris: Lesage, Massaros, & regular service fr Montex etc, giving all the petite mains bread & butter on a regular basis, & it all started w/ love.
"...hi, Amanda, how are you?" I dunno where I got the courage to even say "hi" to the priestess de la Hall of Fame like we're old fds while she's approaching the washroom in urgency, & of cos, Lucia who stood next to me was having her eyes all locked up on the guy next to Lady H. Anyway, "he'll text you." w/ a smile was all we got, & she did get text after text, lucky that we're in civil gadget world. Got to hand it to this Lucia too, cos as the story developed, bcos of all those texts & more, we ended up having a late nite drink w/ the CC bunch at 4Seasons few days later (w/out Karl of cos). Enlightenment came as the lady sat next to me- Catherine, started telling her CC story back to 13 yrs ago. From a freelance PR to an in-house small potato to CC pearl expert, it all started w/ her own initiative & courage, & like Karl, she is clearly an opportunist, & why not if you could archieve your goal one day? So, to those who have a dream- "keep dreaming..."

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