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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My fall plan

That's what happened. I was clothes-related mentally ill last weekend.
It's not quite the 'I have nothing to wear' symdrome, but rather the 'my wardrobe looks cheap' summer allergy that bugged me. Dunno if you've had this feeling before, whenever I wear high street stuffs for a while, I'd feel a bit low, showing signs of disgust 'n get bored with'em, next thing you know is that they're unwanted (by me, of cos). I had it 6-7 years ago when was still a shopper at (local HK high street chain store).
My wardrobe life after Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme has been shuttling between low-high-low instead of just high-high. Occasional tees 'n skinnies from H&M or Uniqlo are fine for the summer as I tend not to buy major investment pieces in summer collection, but after feeling 'ill', that triggered me to consider buying items with design (and collectable) for the summer is actually not a bad idea 'n worth doing so, probably the only way to cure myself too, thus the two Raf by Raf Simons tees from Lane Crawford. As I tour around the store, there're nice casual items that's worth buying now when on sale for the local hot summer, however, I must control myself for the upcoming major buy in the F/W 08 collection.
Brands that attract me the most in the winter, needless to say is YSL Homme by Stefano Pilati, it was as if tailor-made for me (being vain), but since the prix has gone completely off the roof and these are pieces that I won't wear too often, I have to have wardrobe B alternatives to cover my day to day life. Since I'm getting to like Marc Jacobs' stuffs, I check'd on his web and unveil Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, they are rather desirable I must say. 'MJ' looks rather Prada-esque with urban functional clothes for men; when MiuMiu-esque 'MxMJ' shows youthful hipness and youthful charms. I've been looking for a biker, and I fall for the the black number as well as a cropped check-jacket(as shown below) in the collection. Adding a piece or two from Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester or Raf and I am done for the wardrobe (given the fact if I have sufficient financial support).

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